January 31, 2013

Novels In Progress

Historical Fiction

  • I, Octavia Antonia: the life and loves of Octavia Antonia, sister to Octavian (Augustus) Caesar, wife and widow of Mark Antony. Long overshadowed by her husband's famous liasion with Cleopatra of Egypt, Octavia tells of living in the midst of political upheavals and civil wars. 
  • Busa's Choice: Hannibal or Rome, aka Blood of Carthage, Heart for Rome.: Busa is recorded in history as a wealthy woman of Italy who gives aid and assistance to Scipio during the Second Punic War, so much so that he can rearm and resupply his legions to fight against Hannibal. While history does not disclose her identity, here we meet her as a woman descended from both Carthage and Rome, with feet in both worlds. And her heart and spirit must make a choice.
  • Khufu's Daughter, Princess of Egypt: Herodotus records that Khufu sold his daughter's favors in order to amass wealth and material to build his grand pyramid. This novel takes a different approach: the princess herself negotiated with domestic and foreign powers, through friendship, authority, and outright manipulation, to ensure her father's grand vision comes to pass.

  • Romulus, Founder and First King: The story of Romulus and his brother Remus, sons of the Wolf and of Mars, heirs to the land promised by the gods of forest and water. But what destiny do they hope for themselves?
  • Lars Porsenna, Invader of Rome: The proud King Tarquin has been overthrown and exiled from Rome. He seeks alliance with Lars Porsenna, King of the Etruscans at Clusium. Will Lars help the Tarquins retake their throne, or will love of the Roman girl Cloelia change his mind and his heart?
  • Cleopatra, Hope of Egypt: Cleopatra may love Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. But first, and foremost, she is ruler of her nation. A nation ancient in its history, torn for decades by its own civil war and factional rule. A nation she wants to see returned to its greatness, even with the growing menace of an expanding Rome. Cleopatra hopes that alliance with the powerful men of this Rome may win her land an equal power in the East.